AddNet: integrated NAC & DNS & DHCP & IPAM admin system

L2 monitoring – device localisation in network and complete history of network status

Real-Time recognition of IPs/MACs in the network.
Know the network and physical locality of the device (building, room, port, desk) – can be used in combination with camera systems to physically find the intruder based on IP from incident detection system.
Real-time monitor - usable for auditing purposes.
Ready for integration with SIEM/NBA type tools. It is possible to have a direct link from such tool to AddNet page with IP/MAC information. – Fast solution of security incidents.


Greatly reduces the time required for network administration

AddNet functionality covers the scope usually done with 4+ separate tools, each with its own administrator, technologies and support.
Task execution reduction - from 15 mins down to 20 seconds (example: adding a new device in the network).


Centralizes network administration and standardizes operational procedures

AddNet solves the issues with documentation and audit of network operations, where the administrators don’t have the network status and procedures properly documented.
No need to run any networks scripts – all administration is done via AddNet interface which makes it simple to train a new administrator or stand in for current one in case of vacation.
All operations performed in AddNet are logged.
Operators can always be supported/complemented by engineers from Novicom’s partner.


DDI – integrated and highly reliable network services (DHCP / DNS / IPAM)

Integrated IPAM (IP address space management) and network services increases work productivity.
Solves the issue with consistency of actual network services and IP address strategy (typically in some excel spreadsheet)


NAC – 802.1x / MAC authentication with protection (Authorization possible)

One of AddNet’s NAC options is MAC authentication. Thanks to the integration with real-time L2 monitor, the chance of MAC spoofing is greatly decreased.
The advantage of MAC authentication is easy implementation and administration. Time consuming full 802.1x tasks such as management of supplicants and switch exceptions are not necessary. NAC via MAC authentication is part of the DDI implementation.
MAC authentication can be further combined with full 802.1x where necessary to achieve additional security.



Crisis management

Fast reaction to large scale security incidents.
Add important network devices to Critical infrastructure group.
Should there be a major incident, disconnect all network devices in or out of critical infrastructure group with one click. It is possible to reconnect them all at once or gradually, after the incident has been resolved.

Increases operational reliability of DDI/NAC service thanks to multiple redundancy and premium scalability

Novicom Secure Grid Platform and Secure Delivery Protocol allow the establishment of platform of core network services with premium reliability and security.
Support of Active-Active redundancy in central as well as all remote localities. Remote localities are able to function in fully autonomous mode. Continuity of operations (L2 monitoring, DHCP, DNS, NAC) is guaranteed in whole network.  


Additional savings through monitoring the networking hardware utilization

Data about long term use of switch ports makes it easy to optimize the cabling and reduces the need for purchase of new ones.
Central backups of all switches without vendor limitation.


Fully heterogenous – compatible with standard network technologies

Compatible with all common switch vendors
Does not make the organisation “vendor locked”
Easy to incorporate newly acquired branches to the network even if different vendor was previously used there.