Traffic Recorder

The need for capturing packets is not going away. Full-scale IP traffic recording and packet analysis is irreplaceable in situations when it is necessary to look inside the content of communication. For these cases, IT professionals rely on Flowmon Traffic Recorder, a high-performance solution for on-demand packet capture.

Flowmon Traffic Recorder records the complete data communication in the network and provides network engineers with necessary context to solve operational and security problems. It is a high-performance solution supporting distributed architecture which makes it possible to specify requirements for recording operation centrally from Flowmon Collector.

Requirements for recording traffic can be entered via intuitive GUI with the option of restricting entry in terms of time, size of the resulting file or split into multiple files. Data traffic can be recorded based on a number of criteria such as IP addresses, physical (MAC) address, number of port and more. The resulting files in PCAP format are available for download through the user interface.

Key features:

Record of the selected data network traffic in the full range (L2-L7)
Packet capture delivers information which flow data is not able to provide
Support for IPv4 and IPv6
Support for 10/100/1000 Mbps and 10/40/100 Gbps networks
Results in PCAP format for subsequent analysis
Wide range of filtration and recording criteria
Distributed architecture for entering requirements from the central collector
Results in PCAP format for subsequent analysis